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Welcome to our website and please feel free to read through our website and contact us for more information in this regard. We only provide a brief overview on the option to remove yourself from debt review and once you contact us, we will provide you will all the relevant information on how to cancel debt review.

What is Debt Review?

Debt Review is basically the process where anyone who is in debt, can be placed under debt review in order to protect them from the creditors and not be blacklisted.

The Debt Counsellor basically negotiates with your creditors about your outstanding amounts and then gets an agreement that you will repay the debts at the stated amounts owed. The creditor can then not take legal steps, unless they have already started with legal steps before you are placed under debt review.

How to get out of Debt Review

The whole process starts with a letter from your side, confirming that you would like to cancel your debt review and request that you be removed. We will then look into your current situation and contact you to provide us with a thorough overview of your financial situation.

Cancel Debt Review

With the cancellation of your debt review, there are certain implications that you would need to be aware of, but we will discuss the process and implications with you in more detail. Please note that you must be certain that you want to cancel your debt review commitment, since your protection from creditors will be implicated.

Talk to a Consultant

We suggest that you talk to one of our debt consultants in this regard and we will do our best to provide you with the most accurate information and guide you to whatever decision you choose to take. We are here for you!

Simply complete the enquiry from below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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